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Washable Double Layer Filtration Face Mask

The Washable Double Layer Filtration Face Mask helps prevent dangerous airborne cough and sneeze droplets from entering the nose and mouth. It utilizes a unique 2-layer protection system with activated carbon that helps filter out airborne particles and substances.

The mask is easily adjustable to snugly fit for all adults. It is designed to be comfortable and lightweight for all-day wear.


  • 2 Layer System
    Designed with 2 protective layers that work in conjunction to filter airborne particles.

  • Activated Carbon Layer
    Traps foreign particles and substances to its porous surface.
  • Filtered Breathing Valve
    Enables easy breathing and speech while preventing overheating or fogging.

  • Adjustable Nose Clip
    Easily create a snug 360° degree seal around any face shape.
  • Washable and Reusable
    Can be worn multiple times, after each use 

  • Easy To Use
    Can be worn by adults and children of all ages as a means of protection.